What is Handicap Betting in Football Betting? Specific Examples

Football betting is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, with diverse odds and attractive betting rates. Among them, handicap betting is one of the most popular and widely chosen bets. So what exactly is handicap betting, and how do you play it? Let’s find out through this article.

What is Handicap Betting?

Handicap betting, also known as Handicap in English, is a popular form of betting in football, where the bookmaker will offer a certain handicap ratio between the two teams participating in the match. The purpose of handicap betting is to create balance between two teams when there is a difference in skill level, while also providing more attractive betting options for players, rather than just betting on win, lose, or draw.

When participating in football handicap betting, players have two main options:

  • Betting on the favored team (Team A): Choose the team with the handicap and place a bet on this team.
  • Betting on the underdog team (Team B): Choose the team without the handicap and place a bet on this team.

The outcome of handicap betting is based on the goal difference between the two teams after the match ends. If Team A wins by the handicap ratio (or more), players betting on Team A will win the bet. Conversely, if Team B wins or draws, players betting on Team B will win the bet.

Example of Handicap Betting

Suppose there’s a match between Manchester United and Southampton, and the handicap is Manchester United -1.5. This means Manchester United starts the match with a handicap of 1.5 goals. This can be understood as follows:

  • If you bet on Manchester United, they must win the match by 2 goals or more for your bet to win.
  • If Manchester United wins by just one goal, draws, or even loses, you will lose the bet.

If you bet on Southampton (the weaker team) with a handicap of +1.5, it means Southampton starts the match with a handicap of 1.5 goals. This can be understood as follows:

  • If Southampton wins, draws, or even loses by just one goal, you will still win the bet.
  • If Southampton loses by two goals or more, you will lose the bet.

Remember that handicap odds may change depending on factors such as remaining match time, team lineup, team form, and the latest news before the match.

Key Points to Note When Participating in Handicap Betting

When participating in handicap betting, players need to note the following points to increase their chances of winning:

  • Choose a reputable betting site: Choosing a reputable betting site ensures safety and transparency in the betting process and rewards. Among the sports betting sites today, Fun88 is rated as the most trustworthy and reliable brand in Asia. At Fun88, players can bet on all sporting events worldwide, with competitive odds and many attractive offers. The latest Fun888 ทางเข้า is updated at
  • Research information about the two teams: To make informed betting decisions, players need to research information about the two teams participating in the match, including recent performance, lineup, playing style, and player form.
  • Consider the bookmaker’s handicap odds: The bookmaker’s handicap odds will indicate their preference for which team. If the handicap odds are too high, it may indicate that the team is not highly regarded, and vice versa.
  • Monitor factors affecting the match: Before placing bets, players need to monitor factors affecting the match, such as weather conditions, pitch conditions, player injuries, or suspensions.


Handicap betting is a popular form of betting in football with attractive rates and high risks. To win bets in this type of betting, players need to research information and monitor factors affecting the match. Hopefully, through this article, you have a clearer understanding of handicap betting and feel confident to participate in football betting. Good luck and success!

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