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Sharing Knowledge Is A Noble Thing!

https://www.sumosearch.org/ has been started to help electrical engineering students understand the basics of electrical engineering in easy words!

Would you like to help us fulfill our mission?

Yes! You can join our mission, ‘Making Electrical Easy!’
If you know any electrical-related topics very well and can write an article so that our readers can understand the case effectively, you can be a part of our mission!

Few More Reasons To Contribute To sumosearch.org

  • Yes! Sharing knowledge is a noble thing, and if you want to do this noble thing, you don’t have to set and pay for a complete website (really, it takes a lot of time and complete dedication to create a good website and even harder to get the targeted audience!).
  • Sumosearch.org has a broad audience, and your article will be exposed to a more significant number of electrical engineering students.
  • You will get the full credit for your article.

What Kind Of Articles Are We Looking For?

You can write on any topic related to electrical engineering. For example, you can write on issues related to power systems (electrical generation, transmission, distribution), electrical machines, etc.

Few Rules Of Writing.

  • The article must be unique and not published anywhere (neither on the internet nor on any printed media). The article must be self-written. And also, you won’t post the article anywhere else once it is published on sumosearch.org
  • Grammatical as well as spelling mistakes must be avoided.
  • Write as it will be easier to understand.

How To Submit Your Article?

So, if you are good to go, get in touch! Fill up the following form or drop a mail at [email protected]

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