Registering a Business in Antalya: Unlock Profitable Opportunities in Turkey

For non-residents aspiring to register a company swiftly in Antalya, Offshore Pro Group stands ready to assist. Whether you seek to invest in Turkey’s promising market, access international logistics routes, or integrate company registration with a move to the Turkish Republic through investments, we’ve got you covered.

Turkey: A Thriving Market for Business Registration

Turkey represents one of the world’s largest markets, drawing businesses globally. Its key strength lies in business stability manifested in its neutral political stance and ability to maintain constructive relations with various economic partners. This resilience showcases Turkey’s commitment to economic interests, making it an optimal jurisdiction for market stability.

Today, Turkey offers foreign investors vast potential for registration, business re-domiciliation, and establishing companies or branches in Free Economic Zones (FEZs) with favorable taxation. Here’s a glimpse of what you need to know about Antalya and its investment prospects:

  • Antalya currently ranks as Turkey’s second city in real estate purchases;
  • Robust tourism development creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish businesses in this sector;
  • Antalya is a major Turkish hub for yacht construction;
  • The region leads Turkey in the production of agricultural products;
  • For exporters, Antalya facilitates the registration of production companies, enabling profitable product sales to Europe. Greenhouse farms, producing quality vegetables and fruits, are widespread, with exports reaching Europe and beyond;
  • Antalya hosts a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), providing investors with tax and customs benefits.

Given Antalya’s status as Turkey’s tourism hub, the real estate sector holds particular appeal to foreign investors. Residential properties and commercial real estate, including hotels, shops, restaurants, and cafes, are highly sought after.

Business Opportunities for Foreigners in Antalya

Apart from the thriving agricultural and tourism sectors, Antalya presents various services for foreign entrepreneurs. These include:

  • Selling alcoholic beverages, food items, construction materials, industrial products, and light industry goods in retail stores.
  • Wholesale trading.
  • Organization of production.
  • Travel agency.
  • Real estate agency.
  • Consulting firm.
  • Opening a restaurant or cafe.
  • Hotel accommodation.
  • A recruitment company for the tourism industry.
  • A company providing entertainment for tourists, such as rental services, diving, sea rides, and tourist excursions.

Foreign entrepreneurs can choose from various corporate structures, including local Turkish companies, international business structures (offshore), foreign representative offices, or subsidiary companies. Turkish laws apply uniformly to Turkish citizens and foreigners during company formation.

Joint Stock Company (AS) and Limited Liability Company (LS) are popular corporate structures. If uncertain about the most suitable type for your business, our experts can provide guidance.

Partnership with Trusted Turkish Consultants

Offshore Pro Group collaborates closely with leading Turkish consulting firms, ensuring high-quality services, including:

  • Registration of corporate structures in Turkey.
  • Residence permit registration for company registration, including in Antalya.
  • Ownership registration.
  • Corporate security.
  • Consulting and other services.

Our Turkish partners boast stellar legal, accounting, and professional reputations, ensuring reliability and integrity. They stay abreast of changes in Turkish legislation, responding promptly to requests and issuing documents efficiently.

Requirements for Joint-Stock Company (Anonim Sirket) Registration in Antalya

A Joint-Stock Company (JSC) is ideal for entrepreneurs engaged in substantial businesses, such as production or tourism, requiring significant capital. Key points for non-residents considering JSC registration in Antalya in 2022 include:

  1. The minimum paid-up capital for a Turkish JSC is 1/4 of the total amount, with the remaining 3/4 payable within the next two years.
  2. For personal management of the JSC in Antalya, the share capital must be at least 100,000 TRY, payable immediately post-registration. The founder must obtain a work permit in Turkey or hire an employee for the director’s position.
  3. The authorized corporate capital may be represented by immovable property or other intangible assets, registered within three months of company registration.
  4. An Open Joint-Stock Company can issue all types of shares except bearer shares, permitted only for Turkish Closed Joint-Stock Companies (CJSCs).
  5. A legal address, like a leased physical office in Turkey, is mandatory. The law allows virtual offices, but it is not recommended due to high costs.

JSC Director in Antalya: Local or Foreign Citizen?

For a JSC director in Antalya, the individual can be a foreigner with a work permit in Turkey or a Turkish citizen. Check the link to learn about Offshore Pro Group services for licenses and nominee management.

Documents for JSC Registration in Antalya, Turkey

For natural persons, the required documents include a foreign passport, color photographs, and an apostilled proof of residence registration. Founders must be personally present during document signing.

For legal entities, documents include a resolution from the Board of Directors, apostilled, and an application with resolutions if opening a branch.

JSC Registration Fees in Antalya, Turkey

Our standard registration package in Antalya is customizable, with additional services available for an extra fee. These may include office rental or purchase, obtaining a residence permit, Free Economic Zone registration, tax setup, accounting reporting, work permit acquisition, real estate purchase, document translation, bank account opening, and more.

Turkish banks typically require a residence permit or work permit for non-residents to open accounts. Offshore Pro Group’s longstanding relationships with accommodating financial institutions ensure hassle-free account opening for most cases.

Company Registration Procedure in Antalya

Foreign investors looking to start a business in Turkey can follow these steps:

  1. Contact Offshore Pro Group through the website.
  2. Discuss conditions and services with our experts.
  3. Draft documents as needed.
  4. Make an advance payment (50% of the total).
  5. Await results and personally present for final signatures.
  6. Pay the remaining fee and launch your business in Turkey.


venturing into the vibrant business landscape of Antalya offers foreign investors unparalleled opportunities for growth and success. Whether capitalizing on the thriving tourism and real estate sectors, engaging in agricultural ventures, or exploring diverse business avenues, Antalya is a strategic gateway to Turkey’s economic prosperity. With our expert guidance, investors can navigate the company registration process efficiently, unlocking the full potential of their business endeavors in this dynamic and promising region. Reach out to us for a prompt response and seamless support!

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