Why Choose Panama for Life or Business in 2024?

Panama, situated in Central America, is a highly favored and efficiently structured tax haven in 2024. Suffice it to say that the nation’s tax benefits are on par with those offered by well-established offshore jurisdictions.

In recent times, Panama has gained popularity among immigrants seeking both temporary and permanent residency due to its relatively low crime rates and cost of living, which is more affordable than in many European countries and North America. The country’s territorial taxation system is particularly attractive to foreign entrepreneurs. This is understandable, since Panama lets international businesses based in it enjoy a tax-free status on their worldwide income.

Panama’s appeal is further enhanced by how straightforward the process of obtaining residency is. Options for becoming a legal resident include investment routes or participating in one of the country’s numerous immigration programs.

Panama: your tax haven paradise

Panama’s territorial taxation system benefits both individuals and corporations alike. Income taxes are only required from companies and employees working in the country.

This tax structure is undeniably advantageous. Incomes earned from international business activities are not taxed in Panama. For freelancers or remote workers, moving to Panama is a valuable chance to enjoy the warm climate without the burden of local taxes.

In 2024, Panama upholds its role as a key financial center by providing substantial tax benefits to both its residents and non-residents. Going further into details, the nation adheres to a territorial tax system, where taxes are imposed only on income generated within its borders. The above policy is particularly advantageous for non-residents, who are exempt from taxes on income earned abroad. To qualify for tax residency, you must either reside in Panama for over 183 days or demonstrate economic and family ties to the country. Panama also does not levy local income taxes, and specific income types, including interest from Panamanian government securities and bank deposits, are tax-free. Panama’s tax strategy, coupled with its economic dependability and legal reliability, makes it an attractive destination for those about to optimize their tax situation.

It is largely due to the attractive tax incentives the country offers that Panama is home to a significant number of international business corporations and funds.

Why foreign entrepreneurs choose Panama

Beyond tax benefits, Panama is chosen by foreign entrepreneurs for company registration for several reasons:

  • Quick Company Registration: With the assistance of a registration agent and an experienced lawyer, setting up a company in Panama doesn’t take much time.
  • Free Economic Zones: These zones support duty-free trading and manufacturing, with no taxes levied on activities outside the mainland.
  • Legal Residency: Founders of companies have the opportunity to obtain legal residency in Panama.
  • Nominee Services: These services enhance confidentiality for company owners and shareholders.
  • Stable Political Climate: In 2024, Panama enjoys political stability and economic growth.
  • Strategic Location: The country’s position between North and South America is advantageous.
  • Panama Canal: A globally recognized maritime route.
  • Full Foreign Ownership: Panama permits 100% ownership of companies by foreigners.

Panama’s allure for American retirees and expats

Panama’s appeal extends far beyond its tax benefits, drawing immigrants with a delightful climate and cost-effective living standards. It is especially popular among American retirees who choose to enjoy their retirement years there. While relocating to Panama is not without expense, requiring a financial cushion for the move, the investment is offset by the long-term savings and quality of life it offers.

It is not for nothing that Panama is a favored destination for expatriates:

  • Low Crime Rates: Offering a safer living environment.
  • Legal Residence Opportunities: Through property purchase or other legal avenues.
  • High-Quality Infrastructure: Including high-speed Internet, valued by freelancers and digital nomads.
  • Excellent Healthcare Services: Recognized for high standards.

However, potential downsides to consider include frequent hurricanes, no sidewalks in certain areas, and the language barrier, as English is not widely spoken outside of tourist areas and government agencies.

Residence in Panama: real estate investment or alternative paths?

Would you like to acquire a legal residence in Panama? It is possible through the purchase of real estate valued at USD 300,000 or more. Despite this, it’s not the most favored route for foreigners, according to statistics, as they often opt for alternative methods to obtain residency.

The reason for this option’s lesser popularity is due to the rising real estate prices in Panama. A decade ago, properties were more affordable for foreign investors, but prices have surged during the recent pandemic and economic crisis, making real estate today considerably more expensive than in the past.

However, the trend could be beneficial in the long run. If property values continue to climb, buying now could lead to a profitable sale in the future. Currently, the average cost of an apartment in Panama City is over USD 170,000, with expectations to rise above USD 180,000 within the next five years.

The escalation in property values is reflective of Panama’s economic growth and openness to immigration, leading to increased prosperity and, consequently, higher real estate prices.

Panama’s residency programs: choose the one right for you

Panama offers various pathways for foreigners to gain legal residency:

  • Pensionado Program: For retirees receiving a monthly pension of at least USD 1,000, plus USD 250 for each dependent.
  • Friendly Nations Visa: Open to citizens of select countries, this two-year visa requires a USD 200,000 investment in real estate or a bank deposit of the same amount and is renewable.
  • Residence for Wealthy Foreigners: Available to those with a passive income of over USD 850 monthly.
  • Golden Visa: Grants residency with a minimum investment of USD 300,000 in local assets, such as real estate or bonds. Note that this investment threshold is set to increase to USD 500,000 in 2024.

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