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The Allure Of Art Deco Rugs in Modern Interiors

The vintage hint in the paradoxically evergreen art deco rugs makes them acclaimed décor statement accessories. They exude mesmerising beauty captured in their unique strokes and prints of colour and design. Art Deco rugs continue to grace living spaces with bespoke touches of charm, glamour, and character. The classic art deco interior décor accessory has much to offer, as shown in this guide.

Why Art Deco Rugs are Here to Stay

Art Deco rugs exemplify a blend of contemporary and classical themes, some crafted by award-winning designers. The rugs have not lost their allure since the inception of their design concept in the 1920s for these reasons:

  • Designer Masterpieces

Besides their utility in adding appeal to rooms, Art Deco rugs are art- the art of rugs. In the art world, ‘designer’ comes with a name on it. Designer art deco rugs are spectacular creations of feted artists worldwide. The designers are held in awe of the interior deco scene individually, while others form houses of designers with similar acclaim.

Interior decorators, homeowners, and collectors seeking signature rugs can bank on curated pieces designed by passionate lead designers. The Rene range, created by celebrated designer Greg Natale, is a sophisticated collection based on his signature pieces inspired by geometric and nature themes.

Besides their aesthetic appeal, the artsy rugs immortalise themes and events that have left their indelible mark on world history. The Community line gives the décor world the Walter rug designed by Christine McDonald. Walter is an understated industrial-themed rug done in curves. It pays homage to the evolution that the COVID-19 period brought to the interpretation of community.

Art Deco rugs are usually eye-catching hand-tufted masterpieces in standard yet unique designs. Designer rugs are custom options for owners seeking collector-class art deco floor rugs. They hold value as statement décor pieces, heirlooms, and valuable assets for resale.

  • Creature Comfort in Art Deco Rug Style

Beyond style, a valuable rug earns its place by the luxurious comfort it adds as a flooring accessory. Designers use wool, silk, hemp, and bamboo to bring their designs to life. The choice of crafting material accentuates a rug’s design.

Bold rugs made to light up a room, like the Legacy Collections, use bamboo to add shimmer and shine to the patterns. Wool is a popular choice of material for its durability and easy cleaning and maintenance. It holds against flattening, which makes it apt for art deco rugs in high-traffic areas or under furniture.

The construction by hand tufting technique using New Zealand wool gives the rug a plush texture. These hand-knotted art deco creations come in many colours from the myriad varieties of hues of dyes, which the wool holds well. The Art Deco rug is made to last many years without losing its beauty to the ravages of time and use.

  • Versatility: The Art Deco Rug Custom

The varied design themes that characterise art deco are the reason behind the versatility of the art deco rugs in style and use. Leading suppliers offer them in limitless custom colour, size, and design options. They blend with different decorating styles without losing their place as a focal piece in the room.

The range of colours and patterns can exude warmth or sophistication while their size defines areas in a room. Savvy designers such as The Designer Rugs Team, known for The Designers Rug brand, create masterpieces along trending décor themes. Their designs are apt for decorators keen on bringing the past seamlessly into the present in their décor projects.

They are elegant creations for residential use in bedrooms, living rooms, and walkways. Their versatility also earns them a place in commercial spaces, where they complete the picture of glamour and taste.

Where Style and Comfort Wins

Art Deco style has defied time, deftly navigating the ever-evolving interior décor scene through the decades. It can only get better. This is the time to get the best trendy art deco rugs for timeless and elegant décor accessorising.

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