9 electronic gadgets to have in your office at all times

A well-set office space boosts your productivity and makes your job enjoyable. To make that happen, you must invest in electronic gadgets to make your work life smoother and stress-free.

So, if you’re interested in customizing your office space with quirky products, here’s a list to consider!

  1. Portable Monitor

A portable monitor works similarly to a regular monitor but is like a second screen connected to your actual monitor.

The slim, lightweight touchscreen monitor is a great way to boost productivity. For instance, you can watch a tutorial or attend a meeting on one screen while taking notes on the other.  

If you don’t have a projector, you can use it as a screen to showcase a presentation to others while you comfortably use your laptop or desktop screen to change the slides. This is also ideal for professionals who work with multiple apps or graphics.

  1. Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Wireless keyboards and mice are great long-range gadgets, so you won’t always be tied close to your monitor. If your eyes hurt from sitting in front of the monitor for too long, you can easily move farther from it with these Bluetooth-connected devices!

Above all, your workstation is free of clutter and a knot of several wires. You can position your keyboard and mouse wherever you like without worrying about the wires tearing.

Lastly, wireless keyboards and mice are way sleeker than wired ones. They let you position your wrists, hands, and fingers comfortably, minimizing strain.

  1. Electronic Business Card

Business cards are a must-have in this age for effective networking. However, carrying several traditional paper business cards is a great hassle.

When you run out of them, you must always get them reprinted. In the long run, you spend way too much.

So, invest in an electronic business card. This way, you can seamlessly share information with a simple tap, you don’t have to give away your card, and you can update any information.

It’s even better if you get 2-3 electronic business cards and keep them in different places—your office, car, and wallet.

This way, you won’t ever forget to carry your card. And if you ever misplace one card, you will have a backup!

  1. Wireless Charger

Wired chargers make your workstation even more cluttered. You have a high chance of knocking things over and breaking your work system from a slight careless movement.

So, a wireless charger is necessary for safety and convenience while charging your devices. These are also available in different styles, like magnetic pads, desktop pads, mounts, and more.

  1. Digital Notebook

Digital notebooks are sleek touchscreen devices that work like physical notebooks. Your handwritten notes are digitized in this gadget and stored in the cloud, saving you from buying new notebooks repeatedly.

  1. Smart Pen

This is another device that digitizes your handwritten notes instantly. Many models come with a mic, so you can even record spoken words. The device then synchronizes the spoken words and the written notes.

A smart pen also stores digital copies of your notes, so you can easily transfer your notes to other devices through USB.

The gadget makes note-taking during meetings much less stressful. You can focus during the meeting without feeling pressured to write down everything or worry you’ll miss any notes.

  1. Label Printer

This portable device wirelessly prints labels from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It can also print labels on label sheets and self-adhesive tapes and create QR codes.

If your business has lots of shelves filled with different objects (like a stationery shop, manicure-pedicure bar, etc.), you can use this device to label every shelf.

Suppose you have a small business that often packs and dispatches products. A label printer is a must-have for printing the receiver’s address.

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

A survey revealed that 52% of respondents observed higher productivity when the workplace wasn’t noisy. So, a great way to boost your productivity is to invest in a nice pair of noise-canceling headphones or earphones.

It’s a great way to block outside noises and stay focused on the moment during meetings. If you want a minute to yourself but can’t leave the office, you can put on headphones, turn on soothing music, and relax.

  1. Air Purifier

If you have allergies, an air purifier can improve indoor air quality. It traps contaminants like pollen, dust, mold, and even bacteria from the space.

Invest in a model with washable filters, as it’s easy to maintain. You can also find ones with additional features, like sleep mode and voice control.


With these little electronic gadgets, you’ll feel motivated to go to work every day and strive for the best. So, figure out which ones you need the most and place an order! 

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